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Dance genres and its origins Flamenco, Tango & Samba

Flamenco: Flamenco is a style of music and dance which is considered part of the Spain Culture; however its true origins are only from one region in Spain called Andalusia. Several musical influences were detected in Flamenco due to a rich country history, such as...

Dance genres and its origins Merengue and Cumbia

Merengue: Merengue is a style of Latin American music and danced with a two step beat. Merengue was made the official music and dance of the Dominican Republic by Rafael Trujillo. Some say Merengue derived from the ‘pole-fence’ step (Paso de la empalizada) but there...

Dance genres and its origins Salsa & Reggaeton

As you probably know Zumba is a mix of rhythms from all over the world so I would like to show you a very resumed history of a few dance genres that we use in our classes. So let’s start with Salsa: Salsa is a...

Start today! A competition with yourself!

We all know that it is much easier to sit on the sofa after working all day then to go out and do exercise. However you also know, if you ever have done exercise , that after doing it you feel so much better. The effort...

Couscous salad my style

  This delicious couscous salad that I believe I have created, at least I have never seen this recipe anywhere inspired by the famous Jamie Oliver when I saw him seasoning one of his salads like this. I usually buy a organic pack at Tesco’s...

Green smoothie

This green smoothie is good to drink at any time of the day and you can also add a scoop of your favourite protein shake. Protein intake promotes lean muscle growth and recovery therefore aids in weight loss and maintenance. For more information regarding protein...
Zumba Playlist

Zumba play list from the 7th of April 2015

Zumba play list: Hello my beautiful dancers! Welcome to my new Carla Lima Dance Blog! For who doesn’t know I teach Zumba and Belly Dance classes in South East London. This is the first time I am publishing my Zumba play list here and I...