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Contact Carla Lima by filling the form below and submit it. Please take a moment to check your details are spelt correctly so that we can email back without any delays.  As soon as you submit your contact form a new page will open with information regarding bookings and what to bring to the class depending on the class type.

Before you submit your question please note that all the information regarding; class schedule, prices and what to wear in class, is provided on this website. Our reply will be no later than 24 hours.

Carla Lima offers you daily classes in South East London for Belly Dance and Zumba. You do not need to be a dancer to come to any of her classes. Contact Carla Lima if you need any help on choosing which class is best for you and your life style.

If you prefer private lessons or dance workshops there is available information with all the details. Also a few tips before you try either Zumba or Belly Dance classes.

All the classes have a very welcoming environment and you will feel as part of the group. Dancing is beneficial for body and mind. Most important than look good is feeling good, the changes come from within and once you improve your self-esteem you will look even better.

Start a competition with yourself and find how far can you go, always strive to be a better version of you. Not only to lose weight or to tone and sculpt your body, you should do exercise, but also to be healthier for longer. Old age does not mean illness and not being able to move or think as before.

You are never too late to change your life style but the sooner you start the better. Dancing helps to prevent dementia in old age and you will also be able to maintain your coordination and locomotion forever or even for longer. Also nutritional supplements on this website! Check them out!

If you have any Knee or Back problems, have a look at our article as it might come handy in class.