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What to Wear

Have a Look on What to Wear for Each Class

What to wear is a question that many people ask. Whether it is for Belly Dancing or a Zumba class the type of exercise gear you choose is extremely important not only for comfort but also for performance and safety.

enter For the Zumba Class

  • For the Zumba class you should choose clothing that allows you to move freely, that does not restrict your movements or the blood circulation.
  • The most appropriate kind of clothing is gym-wear, which, will not only leave you free and comfortable but will also enhance your performance.
  • No jeans are allowed.
  • A sports bra is highly recommended whenever you do exercise.
  • Feet wise, you should use dance fitness trainers or dance sneakers with cushion and lateral support.
  • Running trainers are not advisable as they have too much tread and won’t allow you to move smoothly.
  • Bare feet or socks only are not advisable for these types of classes as the ankles need support and cushioning.
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel and plenty of water.


buy avodart for hairloss For the Belly Dance Class

Now for the Belly Dancing, “what to wear?” As much as they are absolutely gorgeous, don’t worry because Carla Lima Dance is not going to ask you to bring a Belly Dance Costume.

Once again comfort and freedom of movement are the priorities. For the lower half of the body you can wear something more loosely fitting like gym-wear, dance tights or leggings. However, for the upper body you should wear form-fitting clothing as this allows you to see how your body is moving.

Carla Lima Dance understands that you may not feel comfortable exposing your tummy and you certainly don’t have to. However, it does help you to see exactly what your body is doing. Please bring a hip scarf or a belly dance belt as this will help to accentuate the moves.

For this class bare feet are the best option, as you need to be able to move freely.  As an alternative you may use flexible dance shoes or ballet slippers. No trainers or flip-flops are allowed. Please bring a yoga mat with you as we will do some floor work and do not forget your towel and a bottle of water.