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Zumba Uncovered

Zumba get to know how it all began and what to expect from a Carla Lima Dance Class

Let’s start from the beginning. It all started in the 90’s when the Colombian Fitness star Alberto Perez known to all as Beto Perez, was on his way to teach his regular aerobic class and forgot the tapes with the usual aerobic class tunes.

Because he was already popular in his home town, as an aerobics instructor and had also worked as a choreographer for another well known Colombian star Shakira, he had a full class waiting for him; so he grabbed a few tapes that he had in his car with some of his Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia tunes on them and improvised on the spot.

Ever the creative and brilliant performer that he is, his improvisation was a huge success and his students kept on asking him to do more.

He decided to move to America and even had to sleep on the streets in the very beginning. He started teaching there and met the mother of one of his future associates Alberto Perlman, who later on introduced him to the third “Beto” , Alberto Aghion.

The three “Betos” built the world trademark Zumba LCC.


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Zumba is a Cardio Dance Fitness class with mainly Latin rhythms but also uses music and moves from all over the world.

In this programme there are no levels; however due to its philosophy of easy to follow steps you can consider it almost a beginner dance class, as you don’t need to be a dancer to do this class.

Using real dance steps taken from rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Samba, Flamenco, Tango, Belly Dancing, Cha-Cha, Bhangra and many more, these steps are combined with fitness.

The environment in one of these classes is exhilarating, you feel like you are in a live show or at a party.

Sexy moves, intoxicating rhythms lots of energy and fun are the main ingredients in these classes. It is a react class as there is no breaking down of the steps due to its Cardio based nature.

But you will also learn how to dance and you can use all the moves when you go out dancing!

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As mentioned above, Zumba is a Cardio based full body workout that incorporates interval training, which means the speed changes will help you to burn more calories.

By getting your heart rate up you increase the body’s metabolism that helps  to burn unwanted fat even when you are resting.

This not only helps to maintain a healthy heart and good body function overall, it also eliminates the stress hormones. In addition , mood enhancing chemicals are released such as Endorphins, which are produced in the brain and are the hormones that give a general feeling of well-being.

So it is fantastic for avoiding any kind of psychological illnesses.

It also helps to improve your co-ordination and reflexes.

Class Types

Forget the uninspiring gym work out style and enjoy the fun and party style of this programme that quickly becomes addictive!

Always dancing to the sound of exotic and intoxicating rhythms you will definitely have a blast.

Learn all about the Types of Zumba Classes as there are classes for everyone!

There are classes for children, for the senior population or those with special needs, with Toning Sticks, with a chair, or even in the water…


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