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Belly Dancing Undulations

Know all about undulations and snake arms

Body undulations also known as “camels” are the most well-known and characteristic movements of Belly Dance. They are snaky, flowing and sensual!


go to link Downward Camels

  • Basic posture
  • The feet can be flat on the floor or with one foot forward heel raised; you may even perform this body undulation with a small foot kick
  • This move starts with moving your chest forward then up and then slightly lean back
  • Then roll your body down through your abs
  • Push your hips slightly to the front and sway them back finishing into a sitting position; make sure you do not tilt your hips back remember neutral position
  • You should be turned slightly diagonally ( croisé) at an angle towards the corner of the room
  • The arm frame is also very important. The most basic arm frame is to lift your arms vertically up above your head with the palms of your hands facing each other. Do not forget the position of your fingers. Note there are several variations.

source site Upward Camels or Undulations

This undulation is the reverse of the downward camel, use the basic posture but the movement will start with a pelvic tuck.

  • Start with a pelvic tuck
  • Roll up through your abdominal area
  • Finishing on your chest

The arms can be at your side in a basic arm frame shape.

go to site Snake arms

This is another beautiful undulation movement that starts from your shoulders running through all the arm joints and finishing on your fingertips.

  • Basic posture
  • Start by drawing a circle with your shoulder, first forward then up and back
  • Do NOT bring your shoulder blades together ever in Belly Dance
  • Start with a relaxed arm slightly bent at the elbow. Bring your shoulder forward then up. As you do this, your elbow should begin to rise. Your hand should be flexed at the wrist joint, palm facing the floor. As you finish the circle your elbow goes down and your hand continues to rise; the wrist is no longer flexed but relaxed. Continue the wave movement through your hand through your knuckles finishing right to your fingertips.

In order the sequence is: Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Fingers. Repeat the above with both arms. This move is in fact an undulation and therefore should look really “snaky”. These undulations massage your internal organs and are extremely beneficial for your posture.


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