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Belly Dancing Figure of Eight and Mayas Moves

Figure Of Eight

Figure of eight as the name suggests, is a movement of the body, which resembles the number 8 or as it is otherwise known the “infinity” symbol. It is used in mathematics and in particular in algebraic geometry to represent eternity. It may also be referred to as a lemniscate shape.

The symbol was once identified with the image of a snake eating its own tail thus showing an infinity loop shape. It was also linked with the female menstrual cycle and fertility.

lemniscate-figure-of-eight-infinity-symbol-belly-dancing-by-carla-lima Figure of 8 of the hips

source link Horizontal

·         Imagine the number 8 on the floor and place your feet inside of each half of your eight

·         Begin to follow this eight with your hips, slide your hips diagonally as if you were reaching the four corners of a room

·         Start at the front and remember to shift your weight between your feet on the same side of the hip you are working

·         Then with the same side continue drawing your figure of eight start pushing the hip backward in a round motion

·         Repeat the same to the other side

·         Keep your knees soft and bent and your feet should be flat on the ground.

·         This type of movement should be smooth and flowing; it is a swaying motion of the hips where you use your thighs and your knees to perform it. They should be relaxed during the movement. Vertical or Inward

It is the same movement as the above however this time you should start your movement from the back and scooping back to the front when completing the sides of your infinity loop.

  • Start from the back following the same posture as the above and when coming forward imagine you hip is like a scoop, scooping a big bowl of ice-cream, from the back to the front
  • Repeat the same to the other side

In Belly Dance you should always move from your core and draw your energy from your belly. In order to move your hips always use your knees bending and straightening, your gluteus muscles and for some moves like the figure of eight, the thighs and your feet. In so many moves shifting your weight between your legs and feet and also using the balls of your feet is extremely important.



Mayas or Vertical infinity Loop of the Hips

“Maya” is the Egyptian word for water, which is why this move must be fluid like water. On the vertical draw a figure of eight or infinity loop with your hips.

·         Use your basic posture at all times

·         Keep your knees well bent

·         Then one side at a time and keeping your feet flat on the floor, or if using the ball of your foot on the same side you are working

·         Lift your hip up, outward to the side and downward

·         If you keep your feet flat it will help you to really extend your hips. Using the ball of the foot is correct and easier, but is subject to the choreography.

  atarax 10 mg vidal Inward Mayas

·         It is the opposite of the above Maya once again you will have to scoop downwards first and then upwards almost like bringing it into your core

These types of movements are small and isolated; always use your knees.  They should look flowing, sensual and “snaky”.


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