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Belly Dance Exercises For Back Bending

Learn How To Do a Safe Back Bending in Belly Dancing

Dance Exercise Drills whether it is for Belly Dancing or any other genre will always be a extremely important part of any class.


Back bending standing or kneeling is one of the most famous Belly Dance moves.

We are going to focus on building strength and flexibility to perform a kneeling back bend with snake arms.

For this drill we are going to use some Yoga poses.

Regularly on the stretching part of my Belly Dance classes, I use child’s pose which is a resting pose, upward facing dog that stretches the core muscles and hip flexors but it also strengthens the lower back and expands the chest and shoulders (You will find this particular Yoga pose very useful to perform the kneeling back bends), we also perform the downward dog pose, it fully extends your spine as well as the hamstrings muscle group and calves.

source url Applying this dance exercise drill to Belly Dancing:

On your knees sit down bringing your bottom to your heals, then place your bottom close to the floor in between your feet, this pose is known as virasana or hero pose.

Moving to a kneeling hip-lifted position open your arms aside keep your elbows soft and beautiful basic Belly Dance hands, using your abs, your quads and glutes, lean back but do not continue all the way down to finish your kneeling back bend if you have not build up enough strength in your muscles to perform this exercise safely and to a controlled speed doing at the same time beautiful snake arms.

In order to be able to do a complete back bend on the floor, once you are sited with the bottom between your feet as explained above, go up to kneeling hip-lifted position and pretend you have a stick attached to your back preventing you from arching your back in any way whilst leaning back down but only up to a point where you feel you can go safely and when you feel all the muscles mentioned above engaged on this move, then come up again to the kneeling hip-lifted position, repeat this move for three sets of eight counts. Keep your arms aside and relaxed. Also relax your neck and shoulders.

Second dance exercise drill for this move is based on the Yoga Camel Pose, following all of the above (hero pose) you will place one hand on the floor behind you in between your feet and extending the other arm you will arch your spine leaning back, you will feel the stretch strongly in your spine, quads and core, change arms in between performing three sets of eight counts as well. Always control the speed and technique of the exercise for safety and better results.

You can also perform one side at a time by keeping the position for eight slow counts or with small pulses.


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