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    Dance genres and its origins Flamenco, Tango & Samba

    Flamenco: Flamenco is a style of music and dance which is considered part of the Spain Culture; however its true origins are only from one region in Spain called Andalusia. Several musical influences were detected in Flamenco due to a rich country history, such as...
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    Dance genres and its origins Merengue and Cumbia

    Merengue: Merengue is a style of Latin American music and danced with a two step beat. Merengue was made the official music and dance of the Dominican Republic by Rafael Trujillo. Some say Merengue derived from the ‘pole-fence’ step (Paso de la empalizada) but there...
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    Dance genres and its origins Salsa & Reggaeton

    As you probably know Zumba is a mix of rhythms from all over the world so I would like to show you a very resumed history of a few dance genres that we use in our classes. So let’s start with Salsa: Salsa is a...