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    Five Tips Before Your First Zumba Class

    What You Should know Prior To Your First Zumba Class Zumba classes are a real calorie burner and you can feel the results very quickly. This dance fitness programme provides you a full body workout and it is the best Cardio exercise in the world....
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    Zumba Uncovered

    Zumba get to know how it all began and what to expect from a Carla Lima Dance Class Let’s start from the beginning. It all started in the 90’s when the Colombian Fitness star Alberto Perez known to all as Beto Perez, was on his...
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    Types of Zumba Fitness Classes

    Choose your favourite Type of Zumba Class There is a type of Zumba class for everyone! There are classes for children, for the senior population or those with special needs, with Toning Sticks, with a chair, or even in the water… Zumba Toning Let’s start with the...