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http://walanet.org/events/2015-09-16/ Belly Dance and Zumba Classes in South East London


Carla Lima Dance, Fitness and Wellbeing in South East London offers you Zumba classes, Belly Dance general level and Basic steps Dance Workshops. With a unique teaching style and a contagious energy, she has the expertise to provide a safe, effective and fun workout.

Weekly Zumba Class
Monday at 8.15 pm at St. Andrew’s Church 285 Brockley Rd, London SE4 2SA Pay as you go £7 per class.
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At a Carla Lima Dance class get ready to go on a journey of self-discovery that will inspire you to move your body in ways you never thought possible and to live a completely healthy lifestyle starting from within, mind, body and soul.

Who Can Join the Classes

  • Everyone can join!
  • You don’t need to be a dancer to do Carla Lima Dance Classes.
  • All you have to do is allow your body to move freely and let yourself go.
  • You will burn loads of calories, feel more confident, tone and sculpt your body, have fun and may even make new friends!
  • We all have different body shapes, so when we do a certain move we will all look different to each other that is what makes us unique.
  • Don’t be dis-heartened or disappointed when you cannot do a certain move straight away; everyone has their own timing and method of learning, so take your time.

Benefits of Dancing

Dancing or any other form of exercise is beneficial to both the body and the brain. For example, in the Belly Dancing Classes you will learn how to isolate different areas of your body in order to use them individually or simultaneously, this skill will not only make you feel smarter, but will also help to strengthen your core.

Core strength is vital for maintaining good posture. It helps to avoid back problems and provides the basis for a general body transformation to get you into shape. Drills will be given in order to build up strength, flexibility and to master the moves.

In the Zumba class you will have a great Cardio workout, which will help you to burn loads of calories, tone and sculpt your body, we use rhythms from all over the world, combined with fitness. This may also give you some insight into other people’s cultures and make you feel like you are travelling around the world in a 60-minutes class!

Remember health and fitness are closely related and promotes a feeling of well being, which is more important than looking good.

“Dance with your heart, your body will follow!”